About Us

BoatzRight Inc. provides service and repair to new or used boat lifts and docks. We have been working in Wilmington, New Hanover County, Oak Island, Brunswick County, Top Sail, Pender County since 2009, keeping our customers’ boats in the water when they want or out of the water when they don’t, thanks to our expert licensed and insured marine contractors and boat lift service and repair technicians. We also offer highly customizable residential fixed piers, gangways, and floating docks specifically tailored to each customers personal and environmental needs (based on space, location, water depth, water speed, and tidal depth differentiations). BoatzRight Inc. provides an extensive variety of other services for your Dock or boat slips guaranteed to improve your boating experience. Contact us today to get your free consultation.

  • Boat Lift Repair (all brands new and used)
  • Boat Lift Maintenance Programs
  • Boat Lift Sales and Installation
  • Custom Fixed Piers & Floating Docks
  • Dock Maintenance & Repair
  • Chemical Mildew Removal and Dock Cleaning
  • Dock and Pier Design and Construction


Serving Wilmington, New Hanover County, Oak Island, Brunswick County, and Top Sail ,Pender Country