BOATZRIGHT Inc. offers a no-charge initial consultation in Wilmington, New Hanover County, Oak Island, Brunswick County, and Top Sail, Pender County to discover and review any problem areas or owner requirements for potential customers. During this consultation, we will map out a detailed program to meet the needs of your dock and your boat lift. Whether you are looking for boat lift repair, dock maintenance or renovations, BOATZRIGHT Inc. will help keep your vessel in – and out of – the water as well as maintain the look and functionality of your dock.

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Repair and Maintenance


Dock Maintenance

Whether you have a small boat slip or a large marina you will eventually need some type of maintenance done on it, be it leaky water lines, broken deck boards or maybe you’ve been thinking of adding a swim ladder for the family to get on and off safely. Either way don’t fret! Here at BoatzRight Inc. we make it our mission to take care of all your dock maintenance needs in New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick Counties. BoatzRight Inc. offers professional assistance replacing gangways, adding new deck boards or swim ladders, fixing or adding water lines, we also handle all electrical issues on your  residential dock or marina. We can also add new Rub Rail/ Dock Edging and Wave Guard. Contact us now for a free quote and personal evaluation of all problems you would like to correct.

Custom Pier

A pier is much more than a walkway to your boat- it is a place for your family and friends to gather and relax before or after you all go out boating. It is your access to the water and that dream boat. It should encompass everything you could want or need and we are here to help make that those dreams a reality. At BoatzRight Inc. we have a team of experienced licensed marine contractors and qualified technicians that will help you through all stages of the process of planning, designing, permitting, and building your dream dock. We have many options available when creating a new dock as far as materials are concerned. We use treated round pilings for the foundation and treated pine timbers for all of the girders and stringers but it is completely your choice when it comes to decking. We primarily build with treated pine as it is the most widely available and being treated with Copper Azole Arsenic it holds up well in the rough marine environment. We also have the ability to use other types of decking materials like premium Ipe, a South American hardwood specifically noted for its beautiful color, its superior strength, hardness, and abrasion resistance. We have the option for almost any desired decking materials.

Floating Docks

Old floating dock not floating so well anymore? Does it have low spots where water can run overtop? Have your foam billets come lose or started leaching styrofoam all over your local environment? Have your pilings become unstable causing your dock to move? Don’t wait until it gets so bad that it could hurt you or someone else. Contact us now for a free quote on a new floating dock or doing some improvements to the old one.

Boat Lifts

Many people dream of spending every day on the water, and know the convenience of always having their boat ready to go. If you can’t spend every day on the water, don’t let your boat fight the rising tide without you! BOATZRIGHT offers new and used boat lifts to keep your vessel safe, clean and out of the water when not in use. Getting a boat lift through BOATZRIGHT lets you avoid the lines at the ramp, save on bottom cleanings and repainting, and gives you the ability to launch your boat from your home. We also offer accessories for your boat lift. We have everything from aluminum walk boards and steps to help you easily and safely get on and off your boat, auto-stop limit switches, wireless remotes, and aluminum bunks. Call now for specific pricing details.

Boat Lift Maintenance Programs

Whether your boat lift is big or small, brand new or gently-used, BOATZRIGHT Inc. will help you keep it functioning properly. We are much more than boat lift repair, and we know that even the best vessels are no good if they’re stuck on a faulty boat lift. We offer affordable boat lift maintenance programs to keep you on and off the water all day, all season, or all year. A boat lift is a wonderful tool that when serviced and maintained properly will perform every time. For optimum performance and lifespan of your boat lift, it should be serviced biannually or after every 20-30 uses; whichever may come first. It should be inspected annually or at the beginning of each boating season. It may seem like an extensive amount of servicing your lift, but we assure you it is paramount to expanding the safety and longevity of your boatlift. By servicing today you are saving yourself inevitable, extensive repairs down the road.

Ask about our specialized BoatzRight Inc. boatlift service today. It includes a professional 49-point inspection by a qualified BoatzRight Inc. technician. We adjust your guide poles so that your boat stays centered on the bunks correctly as the lift is coming up from under your boat. We also adjust the bunks that your boat rests on to ensure that they are wide enough to provide the most stability on the lift and allows you to launch your boat at the lowest tides possible at your location. We include an auto-stop adjustment (provided your lift has one) for the top and bottom limits of your lift to allow a launch in the shallowest water while keeping your lift from contacting the sand. After that, we fix any bunched cables because if they run over top of one another on the spool it can damage the cables, or in a particularly bad case, cause them to be cut when contacting the I-beam. Last but not least we lubricate all the grease fittings along the lift. After performing this service we keep you apprised of any potential problems or upcoming hazards you may want to keep your eyes on.

Service Area

At BoatzRight Inc. we service and maintain docks, boat lifts, and boat slips all over Wilmington, New Hanover County, Top Sail, Pender County, and Oak Island Brunswick County. Contact us anytime to schedule your boat lift repair or dock maintenance.

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